I have been a Personal Trainer for 17 years, training throughout Hampton, Teddington and Twickenham. I re-trained as a Personal Trainer, aged 31, having changed my own lifestyle and fitness habits in my early 30s and have been helping others do the same since.

I am based at Hampton Pool and also train outdoors and at homes in Teddington, Twickenham, Hampton and Hampton Hill. I work with each client to start from where they are at, working to improve strength, cardio fitness and lifestyle balance.

I have trained people for goals such as; weight loss, marathons, first 5ks, pre and post pregnancy, injury prevention and rehab and to increase mobility, strength and flexibility.

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Most clients have some form of weight loss target. Whatever the goal, I always work with clients to create a healthy, long-term balance of calories in and calories burnt. Focusing on lifestyle and nutrition habits that have the biggest long – term impact on maintaining a healthy weight.


Resistance training is key to maintaining and building muscle. The amount of muscle you have is key to the rate at which you burn energy and is associated with a host of other long-term health benefits. This is increasingly important as you age. I work with everyone first on lifting technique and then on progressively increasing the load to increase strength.


Running was my first fitness passion, starting out at the age of 30 to run the Marathon. I have trained 100s of people since to run, cycle and swim from their first mile through to Marathons and Iron Mans. I focus on form and technique for long-term progress and to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

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Client Testimonials

“I got my first set of personal trainer sessions as a present from my girlfriend. I’d never worked with a personal trainer before but Simon quickly put me at my ease and set up a routine which revolutionised my half-marathon training.  My fitness and technique both improved dramatically with Simon’s help and I have booked further sessions to continue the good work. Highly recommended” Patrick


“With increasing problems caused by arthritic knees I decided to have my left knee replaced. Simon researched knee replacements and devised a programme prior to the operation that strengthened and stretched my knee and after has rehabilitated the knee such that it/I was signed off after six months instead of usual twelve as it/I had made such a good recovery. Hard work but brilliant. Now the right knee is better than before and its replacement can be postponed.” Michael


‘I initially went to Simon for help with running and over three years later, he is still my personal trainer. He is highly knowledgeable and has been able to continually tailor my exercise to my interests and circumstances. This has included a skiing injury, where not only have I been able to continue training around it, but we’ve worked on repairing the damage too. Simon is always encouraging and I thoroughly enjoy going to the gym – something I never thought I’d hear myself say!’

PT Sarah
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