Having been a freelance trainer for over 12 years, with over 10,000 hours of training experience, I have helped people achieve a huge range of goals and have worked with some clients for as long as 12 years. Here’s what some of my clients say:

“We signed up for eight sessions to lose weight for a holiday and wedding, but we enjoyed the sessions so much we are still training with Simon over a year later. Whilst the sessions are challenging, they are fun at the same time and we can’t believe the progress we have made since we started. Simon works with us to help us achieve what we want from the session whilst remaining positive – he also has great advice and tips for weight loss. We always look forward to the sessions and would recommend Simon to anyone if they’re thinking of signing up for a personal trainer.” T & L

“I started training with Simon in 2014 having realised I needed to some help to complete a charity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. Without Simon’s motivation and guidance watching the sunrise from the Roof of Africa would have been unattainable. Four years have flown by, and I still look forward to my training sessions. Long-standing aches and pains have disappeared along with my loose fitting clothes. Simon has also encouraged me to buy a road bike upon which I’ve completed several 100-mile sportives.DC

“I initially went to Simon for help with running and over three years later, he is still my personal trainer. He is highly knowledgeable and has been able to continually tailor my exercise to my interests and circumstances. This has included a skiing injury, where not only have I been able to continue training around it, but we’ve worked on repairing the damage too. Simon is always encouraging and I thoroughly enjoy going to the gym – something I never thought I’d hear myself say!”Sarah

“Simon is a skilful coach, extremely knowledgeable in terms of physiology, running technique, rehabilitation and dietary needs. His positive outlook is uplifting and encouraging – but be prepared to work hard!” Ann

“Within weeks of my consultation I had discovered my competitive spirit and Personal Bests on 5k, 10k and Half Marathons soon tumbled as rapidly as my excess weight. I became a new Father in late 2009 and needed a big new target to aim for, becoming successful with an application in the 2010 London Marathon. To put it quite simply, Simon was the only reason I made it through those long, cold and lonely training runs and the subsequent pounding of the streets of London on the Big Day. Aside from Fatherhood and my Wedding Day, it was by some distance the finest day of my life with enduring memories and such a remarkable sense of pride. I also raised £3,500 for a truly worthy cause.” Rob

“Runners in the group varied in speed and experience and all had slightly different goals. The sessions were tailored to meet individual needs within a group setting. The sessions were challenging and varied, Every member of the group grew stronger, developed a better running technique and improved PB’s at different distances.” Sue

“I got my first set of personal trainer sessions as a present from my girlfriend. I’d never worked with a personal trainer before but Simon quickly put me at my ease and set up a routine which revolutionised my half-marathon training.  My fitness and technique both improved dramatically with Simon’s help and I have booked further sessions to continue the good work. Highly recommended” Patrick

“I started working with Simon almost 3 years ago. During our first meeting I made my feelings about running quite clear – “I don’t run”! My intention was to continue with PT sessions of the free weights with 20 minutes of cardio variety I had been doing until then. Imagine my surprise, when three years down the line I have completed 15 triathlons (a couple of them Olympic distance), 4 half marathons and a 3km river swim. These personal successes have in no small part been due to Simon’s unwavering patience and belief in my abilities (when I often doubted them) and his ability to motivate and inspire people to attempt things they may not have otherwise considered. For each event and tri season, Simon has put together tailor made training plans suited to my abilities, goals for the race and often erratic and time consuming job. Over the years I have steadily lost some excess weight that has been hounding me, changed my body shape completely and gone further and faster than I could have anticipated. I would have no hesitation recommending Simon and his team.” Veronica

“In May I signed up to join a strenuous volcano climbing trip to Indonesia despite living a sedentry lifestyle and working by staring into a computer screen all day long. To prepare for this trip I started working with Simon. After 3 months of training my body had become stronger and the sessions had become fun. I could lift and push more weight than I had thought possible and was able to run easily for 30 minutes when before I had not run since school days many years ago. The trip went well and I was able to successfully reach the summit of several high volcanoes by climbing 1000 metres every day in the tropical heat and keeping up with the rest of the highly fit group, something I could not have done without those training sessions and a trainer convincing me to achieve more than I had realised I was capable of.” Adrian

“With increasing problems caused by arthritic knees I decided to have my left knee replaced. Simon researched knee replacements and devised a programme prior to the operation that strengthened and stretched my knee and after has rehabilitated the knee such that it/I was signed off after six months instead of usual twelve as it/I had made such a good recovery. Hard work but brilliant. Now the right knee is better than before and its replacement can be postponed.” Michael